Privacy Policy

-Personal information
Personal information is the information of a Candidate and Client which can identify based on the name, address, zip code, telephone number, e-mail address, credentials, place of employment or other descriptions, and the information obtained through consultation such as desired position and industry etc. In addition, any information which may not identify the Candidate solely by itself but can easily be cross-referenced with other information to identify the Candidate as a result, is also included in the scope of personal information.
-Purposes of use of personal information

We shall use personal information only for the following purposes, and shall not use any personal information beyond these purposes of use:

1) Personal information on Candidate
•Personal information through inquiries, consultation, and application
•Hiring operation
•Providing information on Service Using Company
•Providing our service (job search and career consultation)
•Providing questionnaire to improve our service, information on events, communications, campaign, mail magazine as well as other recommendations
•User support and important information from us
2) Clients
•Providing our service (recruiting and business consultation)
•Business operation such as meeting, and communication
•Hiring operation
•Providing questionnaire to improve our service, information on events, communications, campaign, mail magazine as well as other recommendations
•Making contact through generally shared information, such as publications and advertisement
-Personal Information Protection management
We take the security of the personal data very seriously. We take every effort to protect the personal data from unauthorized access, loss, dismantlement, misuse, and leakage.

-Prohibition of personal information to the third party

We shall store your personal data very carefully. We shall not disclose personal data to the third party except for the below cases.
•Candidate agrees to disclose
•We may outsource partial or all of the personal information handling duties. We shall be responsible for the handling of personal information by the outsourcing contractor.
•The disclosure and provision of personal information is allowed by laws and regulations.

-Safety Measures for personal information
We shall make efforts to secure the accuracy and safety of the personal information provided.
-Referral from Candidate
In the event a Candidate requests for a notice, disclosure, correction, addition / deletion, for the use of Candidate’s personal information, we shall take prompt actions based on the confirmation of the identity of Candidate.
-Legal compliance and modification
We shall comply with the law and regulation about personal information. We shall be entitled to modify this Privacy Policy as needed.


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